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Blues You Can't Loose
Willie Dixon Lyrics

Some they march while some stand still
Some they die while others live
Some they laugh while some they cry
Some hang on while some pass by

Some are high and some are low
Some are sure and some don't know
Some are weak and some are strong
Some are here and some are gone

With all these things
In a poor man's mind
He gotta have the blues
He can't leave behind

With all these things
In a poor man's mind
He gotta have the blues
He can't leave behind

Writer(s): Willie Dixon

Contributed by Noah W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Brandon Rogers

asap as in as soon as i get back to chicago. i'm in cali. but thanks for asking!

Remco Leenaars

This is the true blues!! No music had ever had more feeling to it than the blues

josue frank


Arkady Yablokov

      Последний, прижизненный альбом в дискографии великого Вилли Диксона (1915- 1992).  Ha  Hidden Charms (1988) Вилли только поет, но этот голос 74-летнего, умудренного жизнью блюзмена,  в компании первоклассных музыкантов, удивительно точно воссоздает атмосферу его записей эпохи Chess. Особенно хочется отметить работу пианиста Лафайетта Лика и харпера Шугар Блю. Вполне заслуженный "Грэмми" в номинации лучший альбом традиционного блюза...

Lee Sever


Cora Visser

amazing songs and we will never forget this, great Willie.

Koro Dixon

excellent song it invokes feelings of passion and emotion, its real deep


pure, poor man-blues! one of the best ever!


WOW!! This is a seriously fucking Excellent tune!! Ive loved John Lee, Howlin Wolf, BB King, Muddy since the day i was born...but im only just dicovering Willie Dixon!! Cheers for wicked Post!!

Barry Shankman

Willie was one of the professional Blues musicians who helped make the transitions from DELTA CHICAGO BLUES to the money making song writing BLUES MUSICIAN>. enjoy this as it is one of the first as he started that move )O(

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