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Willie Dixon Lyrics

When my b-b-baby calls me d-d-daddy
And she c-c-call me real slow-sh
I a-ask her what she want
And she says ' I-I don't kn-know'
I get nervous
M-m-man. I get nervous
I'm a n-n-nervous man
And I t-t-tremble all in my b-b-bones

A-when she take me in her arms
And she squeeze, squeeze me tight
Start to sh-shakin' in her voice
And she say, 'Ev'ry-th-thing's alright'
I get the n-nervous man
Man, I-I-I get nervous
I'm a n-n-nervous man
And I t-t-tremble all in my b-b-bones

Now, a-when my b-b-baby
K-k-kiss me, f-f-f-feel like-a
L-l-l-lightnin' hit my b-b-brains
My heart b-b-beat like thunder
And she call me's baby names
I get-a n-n-n-nervous
M-man, I-I get nervous
I'm a n-n-nervous m-m-man
And I t-t-tremble all in my bones.

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Comments from YouTube:

Luis Herrera

I’m a 17 year old from the valley in Los Angeles and i dont know what happened to music. People think I’m some weirdo when they hear my taste. I never get why people can’t feel it man. It’s crazy to me. My generation might leave this music to die but i wont.


Ton commentaire est touchant et tu es un vrai artiste oui cette musique c’ est de l’ or

Me Are Liking Music

People treat me worse, I am fourteen, live in Sweden and loves jazz (this too of course). I'm being treated like an alien.


Lo mismo pienso yo amigo


That's just masterful !

richard mclaughlin

love it!

Larry Moore

The great Mr. Dixon

Gene Whitman

Great, great music....check out the piano fingers on Memphis Slim- geez!

Guy Ferdinande

♥ Quel bonheur !

Shane K

"...oh, about fo fi hundred pounds." The best intros in the biz!

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