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iio Lyrics

Honey love honey love what you do to me
I can't think I can't act the way I used to be
Got no choice just your voice sends me through the roof
I'm a mess I confess it's because of you
You shook me up so quickly
You hit me like a smooth breeze

Smooth like the air I take you into me
You're all I crave remain within me deep
Just like the air you're there around it all
Smooth everywhere you stare and make me fall

Turn around take me down to your dreaminess
Come on in and again we can lay and rest
Close your eyes my sunrise shine your beam of light
Ride the wave to escape and be by my side

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Markus Moser, Nadia Ali

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Comments from YouTube:

Danny Kay

It was 2004....I was 23 yo...I've just bought my Mitsubishi Eclipse in Pennsylvania and was going to Baltimore in Maryland and then to Panama City Beach, Florida...I had my only DVD with mp3 and this track was my most favorite. The journey took 17 hours I was 8000 kilometers from my home I was alone in the car and felt absolutely free. Always when I hear this song it reminds me this situation...I would like to turn back time...

Danny Kay

@ALhassan Ait yep

ALhassan Ait

@Danny Kay
Refueling, eating, going to Toilet , calling someone on the phone ...

Danny Kay

@ALhassan Ait I don't remember how many times, but I stopped for refueling only...

ALhassan Ait

How many times did you stoped to rest ?

Vitaliy .zaliyev


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brings me back to when life was fun... love love love it.... would go back in a heart beat

Vitaliy .zaliyev

-15 years....

DJ Lifted AndreaS

@Lindsay Buckley if you go back pls take me with u haha

Lindsay Buckley

Yes! When life was fun....

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