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Spit Fountain
Algernon Cadwallader Lyrics

let me tell you what i think about frog spit.
i'm for it.
in the sunny months it's the only thing i trust.
and the naked lady shoots me with the fish.
i wanna fall back.
i want to fall back.
the best part of all is there's nothing square about it.
let me tell you what i think about turtle spit.
it's on my lip, it's on my tongue, there's nothing wrong.
smile politely to please the lady with the fish.
i want to fall back.

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Comments from YouTube:

C.F. Cessna

this band played in the living room of the house that i lived in the basement of, what seems like ages ago. total sweethearts. miss them so. would be nice to see a reunion tour someday. i know Tank has a family (and a successful soapmaking business now) but... c'mon, guys, sell out plz? i'd love to see this song live one more time.
a gal can dream...

Poldo 29

@Noah Capetillo yeah me too

Noah Capetillo

Still wondering what is Tank's soapmaking buiness

garnas 100

@Wretched wtf man xDDD

Tim F

Wow, just wow. stay classy man...

Brian Lee

@Wretched Terrible comment, really

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Liye Fu

no guys this is not cap n jazz

Josh Carrillo

tried to like this comment a second time

Laura M


Bran Flakes

Nostalgia is killing me help me

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