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Get Closer
Ben Westbeech Lyrics

I've never felt your love so clearly (clearly, clearly, clearly),
get all excited when ur near me (near me, near me, oh baby),
You are the one I love you dearly (Dearly, I love you dearly, dearly, dearly),
Let's get a little bit closer baby (yeah yeah),
And should I see your inner beauty? (beauty, Ooooooooh OH)
Sometimes it used to just to confuse me (confuse me, oh oh oh oh)
You are the one I love you truly (I love you truly)
So come a little bit closer baby (Baby baby baby!)
Cos I feel your love so clearly (you know you want to)
You will be forever near me (Baby all I want is you)
ur the one I love you dearly (Oh I love you dearly)
So excited when your near me (near me near me! near me)

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Comments from YouTube:

Sunny Sunny

One of those gem tunes that is allways a food for the soul to hear.

Johnny Da Knif3

what a tune!

I-Witness DnB

Amazing track, produced by the mighty DJ Die - also called Get Closer (Lovers Mix)

I-Witness DnB

@Afonso gamboa thanls man :) is it this one maybe?

Afonso gamboa

And btw, I'm trying to find a track from ben westbeech. It was an old video on youtube, there were almost no vocals, only a sample saying "dance". a very atmospheric track, do you know which one is it?
thanks in advance.

Afonso gamboa

Dude what a coincidence, I always follow your channel. Out of nowhere I decided to search this tune and you are in the comments lool. You have a great taste for dnb.
(I spent almost 1 hour to remember the name of the track just because I had a flyer of a dnb night back in 2007)




This has just 'elevated my mind'

Harry Chandler

Real banger


Classic!! Wooweee!! ๐Ÿ˜

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