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Get Closer
by Ben Westbeech

I've never felt your love so clearly (clearly, clearly, clearly),
get all excited when ur near me (near me, near me, oh baby),
You are the one I love you dearly (Dearly, I love you dearly, dearly, dearly),
Let's get a little bit closer baby (yeah yeah),
And should I see your inner beauty? (beauty, Ooooooooh OH)
Sometimes it used to just to confuse me (confuse me, oh oh oh oh)
You are the one I love you truly (I love you truly)
So come a little bit closer baby (Baby baby baby!)
Cos I feel your love so clearly (you know you want to)
You will be forever near me (Baby all I want is you)
ur the one I love you dearly (Oh I love you dearly)
So excited when your near me (near me near me! near me)

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Comments from YouTube:

YIKES! the producer

what a tune!


what ever happened to Ben? I remember hearing this on the radio almost a decade ago, then he vanished it seemed

Christopher Wakefield

he's breach! doesn't release much under his own name anymore, but has been putting out a ton of music under other monikers.


Classic!! Wooweee!! 😝

Harry Chandler

Real banger

Wozza Woz

#supernice #tito

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