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Cry Boy Cry
Blue Zoo Lyrics

This distraction
Turns me sideways
Out of chin stock of wawing
Squeeze between them
New face emerging
Pushing inward
Take my hand

Cry boy cry - CRY
The tears are a touch inside - oho
Cry boy cry - CRY
Feels the hunt you wanna lonely night

Inside and away
Cry boy cry
Inside and away

New surroundings

They will freshen
Get together up to one
Flix with two off
Close the vacuun
What you try to suck you in


Cry boy cry - CRY
I'll roll in the twilight zone - oho
Cry boy cry - CRY
For the heart gets a new moustache

Inside and away
Cry boy cry
Inside and away
Cry boy cry

Boy cry

Writer(s): Timothy Parry, Stephen Overall Andrew Copyright: Magnet Music Ltd.

Contributed by David B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Paul Buttrill

I was 13 when this was released. I'm 41 now and I still get goose pimples when I hear it. The memories of my youth are still vivid. What a great era. "You don't know a good thing 'til it's gone" is such a true statement.


First time in about 30 years I've seen that one. I think at the time I taped it off the radio on medium wave.


Long live the 80's and the greats bands of that decade.


great early 80s song sadly one of those songs never played anymore

Andrew JS

The guy with the huge glasses looks like a cross between a young John Major and Trevor Horn! "This distraction turns me sideways" - that's a great lyric.

Angelo Dania

Never heard this tune. Couldn't sound more 80's

Andrew JS

It was a big hit in October/November 1982.


Whatever peoples comments it's still an 80's classic, thanx for uploading it even tho its not you cuppa !!!!!!!!!! Ta m8


Love it, still dance to this at London (England's) Electric Dreams night at The London Stone pub. Class!

gila abramowitz

Great song that remind me of my teens. Nostalgia !!

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