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Britny Fox Lyrics

A school bell rings off the day,
Brings in a stray a few girls at play.
Cut school pink slips are fine
For a good time there's boys on their mind.

A bad girl smoking in school,
Breaking the rules acting real cool.
Talkin' 'bout all the rock boys,
Back seat joys with some boy's toy.

At the girl school, cause my baby broke all the rules.

Saddle shoes uniforms blue,
Love all the girls in the girl school.
Traffic jam in the hallway
Ooh I'm gonna stay this makes my day.

Well here they come girls from the school,
Breakin' the rules hot on the loose.
My girl left right from school,
Came over to my house, ooh...

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Martin Kuliza

it was about having fun.. BUT IF YOU ALSO REMEMBER..
you can't deny that was part of it as well

They didn't like our music, LOL....... Remember ???
they called it the Devil's music....... Remember
they called us Children of Satan... Remember

so... we fucking did it anyway and didn't give a fuck
and since i'm on this subject and to relive an old tradition FUCK TIPPER GORE LOL

and in hindsight,........
What we understood at that time about the music we were listening to , WE COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND LIKE WE UNDERSTAND TODAY

I guess, because we were so passionate about it and we came together through a commonality
which is why (i think) 40 years later.... whenever something like this comes up
i don't know you , you don't know me... but we can come together and all agree ..... FUCK YEAH.. IT WAS AN AWESOME TIME \m/ \m/ ROCK ON FOREVER, Remember ?

and we did

Martin Kuliza

Yeah i'm very familiar with Ratt and Steven Pearcy from way back

i went through all that metal underground as well
you had your normal big 4
then your NWOBHM
and then we also had W.A.S.P. Testament, L.A. Guns, Mortal Sin, Morbid Angel
Hell i was even into Rammstein at the time
so yeah.. i know Ratt very well

but yeah you're right i think it does depend on where you're from as well

but you did also have your thrash heads and metal purists who just hated glam because it didn't conform to their way of life.
i never hated it, i just understood .... Yeah it's cool, but also it doesn't follow the traditions that we uphold but hey, neither does debbie gibson and i still liked debbie
so... there is a time and a place for both of them
and there is a time and a place for Britney fox and Vixen as well

Martin Kuliza

ok.... Now we're getting somewhere


1. You're from L.A. that's cool first of all
secondly, it all came out of L.A. didn't it ? the Strip, The Whiskey etc
so i guess we can say you were closer to it than i was

2. You agree that they didn't sound like the likes of Maiden , Metallica, Motorhead etc WHICH ARE METAL (in the traditional sense) so it's good we agree on that
and let's juse that as our reference point

3. we can both agree that they rocked
well... at least some of them, i mean , hey, i love vixen, Edge of a broken heart as much as the next person but it's certainly not Leper Messiah or Orion
so they have their own thing in their own way

4. My main point what i'm getting at is what you said

well.. maybe you did, WE DIDN'T
we made a clear separate between what was Glam and what was metal
to us there was a clear line between Bon Jovi and Poision and then Iron Maiden , Metallica and Megadeth and Judas Priest

then we had some that we were confused about like
Motley crue, which we accepted as Metal
then you had the likes of W.A.S.P. which we after a while accepted as Metal

but as for Vixen, Bon Jovi, Britney Fox
we never accepted them as metal
yes they rocked in their own way but that music didn't have the balls that metal had so we didn't include it in that category
i think you also know this, at least i suspect you do

i think we agree on most things
and i think anyone from our genre SHOULD AGREE

it was what it was
you had your debbie gibson bananarama thing
you had your RUN DMC, Public enemy, NWA thing going on
and you had your Heavy Metal thing going on
then you had the the others that were more like rock and more POPPY

to keep this siimple
i'm just saying

Britney fox was never in the category of Master of Puppets, Countdown to extinction , Rust in Peace that sort of thing
and i suspect you agree with me
so that's that then
Glam was never metal
it's just that magazines like Video Hits Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine and so on glorified it and put them on the same stage as Metallica and Anthrax for example
but they were not
they were not even on the same level as Motley crue or W.A.S.P.

i was never one of the one's that hated the glam thing (for the record)
as a fact, i loved bon jovi growing up
butwhat's metal is not in britny vox

Metal is about death dragons, swords, Darkness and just... worshipping satan all round :P
you know what i mean

you don't see that in Girls school or with Britny Fox
that's all i'm saying

i don't want to disrespect anyone from my era because we all went through the same shit , didn't we
i believe we are all brothers and sisters of the same music and the same era
we share something special
so.. why fuck it up with an argument.. right ?

anyway mate
as a fact, to us in sydney it wasn't all the same

it suprises me that you guys at the centre of it IN L.A. of all fucking places can say that it was all the same to you

but yeah... i draw a very fucking clear line in the sand between
Real Heavy metal and Glam

Just like a draw a clear line between rock and Hard rock
so..... bon Jovi is Rock
ACDC is Hard Rock

i also draw a very distinct line between Hard rock and Heavy metal
so.. ACDC is hard rock, Judas Priest is Heavy Metal
there is a clear difference

and even though i accept that Soft rock (like Whitesnake) is rock, i don't confuse it with Bon Jovi or other rock bands

i also don't like to drill down to far with the genre definitions, but.. if there is a clear difference (in my opinion) between 2 styles of music, i will draw the line
if it's piss farting in the wind then i won't give a fuck

but yeah i think the thing here is
Maybe you didn't separate them
and maybe that's because you lived in a different part of the world

We made a very clear separation between Heavy metal and britny fox (Glam)
we didn't even call it Glam Metal, it was just Glam
as for the term Hair Metal
well yeah... we all know what PEOPLE MEANT and that being "Glam" so sometimes there would be a slip of the tounge and out of habit you would call it Glam Metal but it wasn't metal

Basically the concepts of Heavy metal that we were brought up on

- Be Real
- don't be fake, or a poser
- Be true to the music
- Be yourself

all that stuff gets thrown out the window once you enter the realm of GLAM
Technically HAIR doesn't violate it haha because they all had hair (except for judas priest, well at one time he did LOL)
but when you get into glam you start to sort of go...... ummm ok what's happening here

SO.. in the case of W.A.S.P. Blackie still drank blood and fucked like a beast SO.. IT WAS COOL
and he could keep his make up LOL

same with Motley Crue they had Pentagrams so they're in the good books as well

Vixen were talking about love
Love wasn't cool LOL Unless you were sacrificing a virgin or something

so you take then Warlock
well... there was a wizard and he had his hand on Doro's tits so.. yeah... nuff said LOL

but on a serious note
the Glam scene stuck out like a sore thumb and didn't uphold the values that we held to
thats' why they are not metal

i think we will probably agree on most of this, don't you
i just think there was a slight misunderstanding because of our geographical locations

Martin Kuliza

You listened to Stryper, didn't you ?
you were that guy that was there listening to HONESTLY and was like.... hands in the air in praise while singing

I will stand beside you faithfully
and... through the years....... I will be a friend , for always....... and ... foreverrrrrrrrrrr
Call on me, cause i'll be there for youuuuuu
i'm a friend who always will be true

that was you .. right ? LOL
Probably on someone's shoulders as well while singing it.. right ? LMFAO

but.. You're right
it was a fun decade , but.. somewhat confusing

i mean....
Stryper.... in god we trust
Slayer - God hates us all (Disciple)

then Anthrax say they are going to change their name
then the come on stage . WE'RE NOT CHANGING OUR NAME

and Scott Ian from Anthrax comes on stage with a PUBLIC ENEMY shirt

and we had to make sense of movie titles like
BACK to the future haha

a fucking confusing time indeed

All comments from YouTube:

Brittany A

This band is the reason why I’m named “Brittany”. Thanks mom🤣🖤

benny hilla

your mom is cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Galaxy nightclub days



CorySmith Vernon1

Your mom is a troll.

rufián melancólico

Your mom is so cool!🤘🎸💄

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Brittany Royal

My mom went into labor with me in Albuquerque, NM, during one of Motley Crüe’s concerts. I was born 8/4/90. My mom wanted to name me Nikki Lee, but my dad said, “No, she’s a Brittany”, (from Britny Fox). I was born in to rock. Thank you, mom and dad!

Martin Kuliza

@Tom Wetz
Oh..... ok
thanks for clarifying :P

Tom Wetz

@Martin Kuliza It's like a Boomer with a Z.

Bob Rocca

That’s awesome !!

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