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Little Things
by Doug Hoyer

Take a bite of that pineapple
Reflect and tell me how it tastes
It only costs about four dollars
You wipe your mouth and say "that's great"
Now take your bike out of the closet
it's been waiting there for months
fill the tires with compressed air
consider inflating your lungs
Some complain about mondays
Some complain about the mundane
But you and I
Try to find
the joy in the little things
"Hey Doug, I was wondering, could you give us some examples of some inspiration in everyday life"
Uh yeah. Things like:
The ladybug who relieves itself on your jeans
The northern lights that shine so bright through poplar trees
The summer sun, when noon is high, a gentle breeze, it whispers...
Now take a walk with me in the valley
we'll watch the river run away
you reach for my hand and said "I like this"
and I reply "Yeah, I guess it's okay"
And some complain about mondays
some complain about the mundane
but you and I
try to find
the joy in the little things
the little things

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