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From Russia With Love Choir Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by From Russia With Love Choir:

Moonlight Из России с любовью я лечу к тебе, Намного мудрее с…

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Space Monkey EPS

Hey, guys, thanks to Alexander Kostrov we now have the real lyrics of this lullaby, just a few more verses; he posted the original version I imagine. The versions posted here before were from another song- kolibel'naya is just lullaby in russian-. Using the cyrillic lyrics he wrote on the google translator, you can see how each word sounds (transliteration) under the lyrics. Just adjusting to what the main voice speaks in that lyric chorus above, my transliteration matches the sound. I don't know if in english my transliteration will function:

А баю, баю, баю

А баю, баю, баю;

Ой спи, ангел, почивай,

Свои глазки закрывай.

На кота-то воркота,

На Лёнюшку дремота;

А баю, баю, баю,

А баю, баю, баю,

Прилетали галыньки,

Садилися на улок,

Улок поскрипывает,

Лёнюшка подрёмывает.



A bayu, bayu, bayu

A bayu, bayu, bayu;

Oy spi, angel, pochivay,

Svoi glazki zakryvay.

Na kota-to vorkota,

Na Lonyushku dremota;

A bayu, bayu, bayu,

A bayu, bayu, bayu,

Priletali galyn'ki,

Sadilisya na ulok,

Ulok poskripyvayet,

Lonyushka podromyvayet.


I prefer to trust the Kostrov translation than the google one. This is a simple lullaby, but Russia has some really different lullabies; if you're curious: (translated) (there is CC in english here) (this cossack one is epic, search the lyrics)

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Νικος Καρποδινης

Yes guys we all came from new mutants as it shows

Solene Diaz

Song in The New Mutants

Alexander Kostrov

song of my childhood



Emiiilyy Roosell


Hanna Heller

Illyana’s song.

Joe Littlewood

Illyana: “I know that song”

Nathan Lecointre

Magik theme on New Mutants 😍😍

Safiyanu haruna

Thumbs up if you are from the new mutant

Natalie M.

Да. Хорошо. I have finally found the song. Beautiful

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