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Diamonds On The Inside
by Input

Diamonds on the inside
Rust on the template
Liquor on the liver
And some dust on the ribcage
Tricked out rides
Look for where the fuel split
How many times must we go through the blueprints
You dont need any schematics for the layout
The lights often seize to assist you on your way out
Grab a flashlight, lets find the problem here
This is the last night your heart won't be commandeered
If there's any piece of wisdom I can correlate;
The business exists to dismiss your subordinates
If the object of the game is to fly away
I'll be in this position, never worried of the time of day
Compromising what the weather plans on dishing out
Precipitation computates the feelings that are different now
On the borderline of catalog and annual
The analog emergencies are accurate and factual
Co-dependent on the carbon copy skeleton
Open ended arguments for born again Americans
The precedence is built from family traditions
Finger-painted silhouettes that sadly depict us
This is the episode that critics never mention
Minuscule absurdities provoke viewer discretion
And I'm convinced that I'm well prepared to face this
Modern day catastrophe while watching from a distance

I can be the sunset sky in the fall
I can write a song that makes the world's skin crawl
I can be the last human being that you call
I can be the future baby; I can do it all
I can be the sunset sky in the fall
I can write a song that makes the world's skin crawl
I can be the last human being that you call
I can be the future baby; I can do it all

Its a funeral procession for the cancers
A beautiful display of the star-lit dancers
Deep in the belly of the beast on a binge
Contemplating suicide with feelings on the fringe
The world is a dangerous contraption
Of semi-automatic lovers murdering their passion
And heaven is a sold out concert
With tickets being scalped by angels dressed as monsters
The feeding frenzy starts with a toast
Directed to the family of the stay at home ghost
Every so often you can hear him speak
About the laboratory where experiments sleep
False with the dialog, modest with depression
Honorably discharged, admired as a veteran
Regardless of anything you've heard
He's absolutely fascinated by your choice of words
And he is what lives in our shadows
A voice that we hear that communicates in vowels
Pressed to the window with an eye on discovery
Destined to imitate a butterfly that's fluttering
Caught in the world when they change his emotions
Cautious and permanently brain-dead to most things
I promise you that I can make a difference
Let me kill the animals that kidnapped the princess

Contributed by Xavier I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


just watched the hulu documentary! seems like a truly genuine and chill guy.

Art A

@Dark Blade we are Columbine, he's in the trailer

Dark Blade

what documentary?

Cody Stehle

How have I not heard of Input before? This is soo sick.

d w

thats what i was wondering??


Hip hop is not dead, its just gone underground. 

Grimm Frost

punks not dead, its just passed out drunk.

Mike Nelson

NO MUSIC HAS DIED. THE RADIO HAS CANCELLED THE CONCEPT OF CONSIOUSNESS. If you look hard enough, you will find thriving POLKA scenes thrughout the country.

Jonathan Roberts

So true

Steven Smith

Nasty.. How this guy only has 3000 likes on facebook i will never figure out..

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