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Say You Won't Let Go
by James Arthur

I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough
We danced the night away, we drank too much
I held your hair back when
You were throwing up

Then you smiled over your shoulder
For a minute, I was stone-cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest
And you asked me to stay over
I said, I already told ya
I think that you should get some rest

I knew I loved you then
But you'd never know
'Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go
I know I needed you
But I never showed
But I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go

I'll wake you up with some breakfast in bed
I'll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head
And I'll take the kids to school
Wave them goodbye
And I'll thank my lucky stars for that night

When you looked over your shoulder
For a minute, I forget that I'm older
I wanna dance with you right now
Oh, and you look as beautiful as ever
And I swear that everyday'll get better
You make me feel this way somehow

I'm so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We've come so far my dear
Look how we've grown
And I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go

I wanna live with you
Even when we're ghosts
'Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most

I'm gonna love you 'til
My lungs give out
I promise 'til death we part like in our vows
So I wrote this song for you, now everybody knows
Finally it's just you and me 'til we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go

Just say you won't let go
Oh, just say you won't let go

Lyrics © Ultra Tunes, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Steven Solomon, James Andrew Arthur, Neil Richard Ormandy

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Comments from YouTube:

Steve Taylor

I am battling cancer rn and I only have a year to live
I need to be spending the last few moments giving and receiving all the love I can get . This song is loved by my family my sister is always is singing me this song and it makes me get through an d survive the day . It would be really helpful if you like this to help me and give me a bit more support .If you did like you are the best and thanks for reading this


god bless

Amanda Doyal

Do everything you want to do and can do in the time you have left. My heart and support goes out to you. You are braver than i could even imagine being. I hope you cross off every thing on your bucket list!🙂

Manuel Tshil'son

Lucifer Chase

May you walk the path with hope in your heart. Looking out for ya bradha


Steve Taylor ❤️

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I was 19, she was 18
Now am 22 she is still 18 ✨ she is at a better place now

Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

Stay strong, although ur comment made me sad😭😭

Taneisha Atkinson

sorry that would've hurt

Akshyat manandhar

Feels bad man

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