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Power Rangers Zeo
Jeremy Sweet Ron Wasserman ZEO Lyrics

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Power Rangers Zeo Go Zeo Stronger than before Go... Zeo! Powered up for m…

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Comments from YouTube:

Darren West

This song has been coming inside my head since 1996. Rent free💯

J.J. Gillmen

Fun Fact: They used this song (and created a teaser opening sequence) for the two-part "A Zeo Beginning".

Brian Tidwell

Yup, they made 6... a new shape every time, then all together... I remember keeping track of 'em in a notebook lol

terry autry

to me, this is like the darkest series of power rangers. weird things happened with this one. i remember king mondo and the machine empire


Nah it's time force

Jay1 Hi5

​@Zackary SullivanLost Galaxy was pretty dark too! They lost Mike, people turned to stone, Magna Defender's back story and what happened to Kendrix.

Zackary Sullivan

To me the darkest parts of Power Rangers is In Space, RPM and the finale of Turbo.

Lee Pen

King for a day IS dark. Machine empire metaverse episodes.

Charles F.

it's the first time the series changed, we weren't used to yearly rotations yet, that's part of what made it dark, didn't know what to expect


We need ZeoZord Power now!

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