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Ghost Ship in a Storm
Jim O'Rourke Lyrics

Nothing makes me want to disappear
As when someone opens their mouth

It's just my luck
I get hit by a car
While carrying a cake

Dripping cherries
Onto pavement
Bride and groom on my face

I'm not there like a ghost ship in a storm

It only figures
That I'd ride my bike
Into wet cement

And as I'm sinkin'
The last thing that I think
Is did I pay my rent

I ride through like a ghost ship in a storm

Written by: JIM O'ROURKE

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Door bell rings

Denny: Are you Wilson?
Wilson: yeah
Denny: I’m Denny
Wilson: Oh ha hey,.., Danny
Denny: it’s really Denny I was gonna tell you that the other night on the phone but you seemed a little upset. Are you you upset now?
Wilson: I don’t know
Denny: so what do you got in there?
Wilson: What do I got?
Denny: Yeah Maura said you’ve got a plane.
Wilson: Yeah it’s really really. I just got it.
Denny: oh yeah when?
Wilson: oh not today. (Pause) I mean (pause) not today.

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Posmonauta Rotoplas

"Nothing makes me wants to disappear as when someone opens their mouth"... i know that feeling... bah b-bah baaah baaaaahhhhh...

Posmonauta Rotoplas

Lots of "small talk" these days.

Guy de Loimbard

Yeah... too many shit-talking imbeciles in the world these days. Go out and party? No thanks. Gimme a nice stereo system playing music like this, a handful of genuine friends, and some good whiskey or wine to pass around. Add a nice fire in the back yard during fall for good measure.

Caleb Jones

Jim O'Rourke is so underrated

Sussie Quinones

thank you Mr.Guy Garvey for letting me know the fantastic track from Jim O'Rourke ♥


Jim 'O'Rourke is amazing

That Famous Feeling

Never noticed this beautiful music before.

Alexander Perez

in your defense he's pretty well hidden.

Filipe Esgrouviado

such an amazing song


His sound is portably majestic

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