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Ghost Ship in a Storm
Jim O'Rourke Lyrics

Nothing makes me want to disappear
As when someone opens their mouth

It's just my luck
I get hit by a car
While carrying a cake

Dripping cherries
Onto pavement
Bride and groom on my face

I'm not there like a ghost ship in a storm

It only figures
That I'd ride my bike
Into wet cement

And as I'm sinkin'
The last thing that I think
Is did I pay my rent

I ride through like a ghost ship in a storm

Written by: JIM O'ROURKE

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Door bell rings

Denny: Are you Wilson?
Wilson: yeah
Denny: I’m Denny
Wilson: Oh ha hey,.., Danny
Denny: it’s really Denny I was gonna tell you that the other night on the phone but you seemed a little upset. Are you you upset now?
Wilson: I don’t know
Denny: so what do you got in there?
Wilson: What do I got?
Denny: Yeah Maura said you’ve got a plane.
Wilson: Yeah it’s really really. I just got it.
Denny: oh yeah when?
Wilson: oh not today. (Pause) I mean (pause) not today.

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Daniel Oduntan

This song was removed from a well known compilation series called ‘Late Night Tales’ on Spotify and have spent years trying to remember it’s name and the artist — finally found it! Beautifully written song.


Jim’s Drag City albums (and their songs) are unfortunately not on Spotify. I think they might have been for a short bit. You should check them all out though! I bet a lot of the songs are around here.

Caleb Jones

Jim O'Rourke is so underrated

Sussie Quinones

thank you Mr.Guy Garvey for letting me know the fantastic track from Jim O'Rourke ♥

Jet Valstar

My favorite number of all time!


Not a bad choice.


Mine too

Filipe Esgrouviado

such an amazing song

E D Daly

Great sound quality. Thanks!

lance george

I hate the fact that many songs/ artists like this don't get the recognition they deserve.

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