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Bad Man
Juicy Bananas Lyrics

Born in Chicago
raised in the city streets
my momma gave me the basic facts of life

get in the car boy
put your seat belt on
I never ride with anyone unless they wear a seat belt
that's one of my rules

you look like you've been in a few scrapes
I mean you're skinny and weak looking
but you're kinda wiry too

I bet you can handle yourself alright if you have to
know what I mean

If I get into fighting man
I'm serious
someone crosses me
straight off I'll nut 'em in the face and bring my heel down on their foot
and break their bones

I'm a fighter and a winner
I'm a bad man

you know everyone can tell the way I am
I walk into a bar or their place of work
they shit scared

they know I ain't no cop
they think I come to kill them
and I would
I kill anyone that crosses me
I'll put 'em in the hospital
I don't mess around
you know what I mean
I'm a bad man

like music
listen to this
I was into these dudes before anybody
asked me to be their manager
I called bullshit on that
A management pop no job for a man

guess how many suits I got
guess how many pair of shoes
how many ties
shit I don't know
must be 25 at least
and you better believe they're all silk
every one

think your girlfriend loves you
guess again
one way to tell if a woman loves you
if she'll have your dog

I'm a bad man

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Comments from YouTube:

URKillingme100 *

Do you like music?  In that case, you're gonna looove this.

Jose Schmoe

RIP Harry Dean Stanton. Loved your performance in Repo Man


coolest tune to play when cruising in car through city.

Derek Burleson

Blanks get the job done...


Best movie soundtrack ever

Ryan Moore

My dad used to play this when I was a kid. Like 4 years old. I'm 20 now and it's nastolgic as hell

True Ennuf

Ever since I heard this song as a teenager in the 80s, I've been telling people to "guess again" when I disagree. It annoys the piss out of people. 4:30


"Someone piss on the floor again?"


Diuretics The Science of Matter over Mind

Brian Sands

"I'd jump for that action from day one to find out where she was comin' from if ya know what I mean.'

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