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Riding the Storm
Logar's Diary Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Riding the Storm' by these artists:

Attick Demons Behold the end of the world, The thunder's blazing in the…
Running Wild Breaking the waves, a ride on the wild raging sea Playing…

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Bearer Of Light Good day, my friends. You ask for my name? They call…
Deja Vu "Now many years have passed. I'm sitting at a waterfall…
Demon in the Kaer "After a while we discovered the Kaer. Many frightening crea…
Earthdawn Once in a time where steel helped to survive and…
Iostros "The king allowed us to collaborate with his secret service.…
King's Hall "After arriving in Throal, leaving Barterstown behind, we ma…
Lonely on the Serpent River "We - my friend S'kirrel and me - were sailing…
My Love Still Exists "It was a dreadful fight but we were victorious once…
Torgak's Speech You know why I called you, it's not very hard…
Travelling to the Blood Woods "After coming back to life Axandria told us about her…
Under One Sky Out in the furthest lands beyond Where fantasy is the creato…

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Comments from YouTube:

Philipp M.H.

Damn, this is awesome!

Alex Gun

I like screams very mutch, but too fast and too "modern" - not that atmosphere


This... is... AWESOME!!! \m/


great job


damn nice cover


The intro lacks some of the notes that made the charm of the original :(

antonio mariani

grazie di averla messa (:


thanks for posting this song - awesome quality. ive been looking for this song for a looong time !


excellent in any way. 5* and fav



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