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Love Won't Let Me Wait
Major Harris Lyrics

The time is right
You hold me tight
And love's got me high
Please tell me yes

And don't say no, honey
Not tonight
I need to have you next to me
In more ways than one

And I refuse to leave 'till I see the
Morning sun creep through your window pane
'Cause love won't let me wait (not one more minute, baby)
The time is right

Turned down the lights
And take my hand
We will take a flight
And spend the night

In a wonderland
Now move a little closer to me
You owe it to yourself
And I will selfishly take a little for myself

And it's because of you
That love won't let me wait
(No , listen girl)
I need your love so desperately

And only you can set me free
When I make love to you
We will explode in ecstasy
And I won't take the blame

That love won't let me wait, no
Love won't let me wait (my temperature's rising)
Love won't let me wait (cause your so tantalizing)
(Oh listen girl)
Love won't let me wait

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Comments from YouTube:

Sounds Of ImageByMalcolm

My mother played this song every single day when she came home from work back in the 70's. Not once, but back to back several times. She played it so much, I know every word to the song, I sing it perfectly, and the music bring back so many memories, remind me of being a child back in the 70's. RIP my dear mother. I miss you.


soul music is important you can do the dishes, drink to it, socialize read and heal it’s universal

Shahaadah Abdul-Jame

I understand as my mom played this also. RIP to all the mothers who are no longer with us. I miss my too!

Sounds Of ImageByMalcolm

@Lovely One: Yes… he sing this song with deep passion and deep feelings because when I play it, I feel it in my soul. And I still sing it today. I always said when God bless me with that special woman, I will sing this song at my wedding for my mother who will be looking down from Heaven. Thank you for subscribing to my channel. I hope you enjoy my work.

Lovely One

Yes what a beautiful song it is. I too love it just as much. Was sung with so much feeling. I'm now one of your subscribers. 😊🤩

Sounds Of ImageByMalcolm

@Lovely One: It was something about this song that had my mom's attention as she played it over and over. I think she was in love. LOL... Thank you for your comment beautiful. Please stop by my channel and enjoy a lot of this old school music. I just subscribed to your channel.

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Felicia Edwards

I guess it’s safe to say a lot of babies were being made when Major brought this one out...OMG!!!! Yesssss!

David Mazza

@Felicia Edwards ❤️


@jaypunch9123 lol That player hat isn’t just for show. (The 70s was too real )

David Mazza

@Richard Archbold she does, but with me!

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