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Break from Toronto

That smile on your face
Makes it easy to trust you
Those in

This what Sauga feels like in the night time
Watch what she doin' when the light shine
Drunk niggas tryin' a talk in the strip club
Shawty silhouette looks like a dolla sign
Caught up (caught up)
Thats just how a nigga brought up (brought up)
Blow ones for you luney ass niggas
Straight bounce for you puny ass niggas
My niggas bigger then the bouncer
Roll up in the bitch still smell like an ounce
Right quick, Right Quick
Tight jeans on so she feels my shit
Tell me something good baby
Tell me something, Tell me something good shawty
Come bring it to the hood baby
Bring it, bring it back to hood

This what Sauga feels like in the night time
Bust it up with shawty when the light shines
Still fuckin' with the same ass niggas
I know you want a break
I know you want a break from Toronto

West side
Oh girl

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Dwyane Rose

Did you really just call this r&b trap music lol...

Y'all other peple really don't know how to distinguish blaak music and art from one another...

Reminds me of how peple call Chris Brown a rapper instead of and r&b singer lol...

I could have forgave you if you would have said that it was trapSOUL like bryson tiller or neosoul but you said trap like chief keef..when chief isn't even trap music, nor did chief start trap music when he first came out...trap music was out since 05 with Gucci mane, TI and jezzy....Chief keef came out in late 2011-2012 and he popularized DRILL MUSIC (not created, king Louie created drill but keef made it pop)

That's how I know that most of yall peple of other races (no offense, I'm not trying to be r@acist but it's just something I noticed) act like y'all are fans of these peple but in reality y'all know nothing of the music they even create themselves.

Stop spreading false information if you don't know the history and cultture my guy lol...

This would be like me going to rock and roll and saying Elvis started it or saying that the first Chinese martial ARTIST was Bruce lee..or saying something idiotic like gandi was the first Buddhist ever and he popularized and created Buddhism ext...

You can't just come to a culture and start telling false information...That's disrespectful asf man..You and you're peple wouldn't like it if I came to your cultture and started spreading false information to everyone without fact checking my info and consulting with some actual Indians first (I'm assuming you are middle eastern, Indian or bad if I get your raace wrong..I mean no harm)

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Stereohearts R&B

Can't say this isn't a classic.

imogen emo


So true

david lamothe

forever and evaaaa

Nomhle Mabaso

br 2k
9 0 lq l

Sarah Lance

@Lamaira Davis A classic doesn’t have to revolutionize music, just be a popular, staple or « iconic » music of its time

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vvs diamonds

a moment of silence for the people who searched up "ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh"

Malika Sanou

I actually searched for « ouuuuh girl aaaaah »😚

Computer House

yea only you-

Succulent Roots


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