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Business Interruptus
Rob Crow's Gloomy Place Lyrics

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michael ficus

+Frankie Younger Just guessing..

All the techs are pouring in
All the trouble we are in
And any second comes a trial
Yes any second..
If I held you to the fire
No you won't confess your crime
And it almost makes it worse
Just how you let me waste my time

Ain't it real ain't it fine?
Must I ask you all the time?
How much anybody worth
What is anybody worth?

(Lots of whoa ohs)

If you're open to suggestion
Your attention to this file
It's been cracked and overwritten
And embedded for a while
A basic search into your history
Reveals you're open to attack
And if you barely lift a finger
You can get your access back

Quickly spot check your emotions
Those statistics still at large
And the staff is almost vacant
They all want to overcharge
Like your business interruptus
They don't mind to make a fuss
They've been in control so long now
They're like zookeepers to us
We've got nothing we've got bupkis
Trade our stock and your bank opens
Off our planks at your illusion
Taking children in a line (I swear to god he says lime)
They're not fair game

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Jeffrey P. Nesker

soooooooo good. how many hooks can this guy cram into a single tune? GENIUS.

Sabine Von Oberstein

New Rob Crow makes me so happy. Favorite musician ever.

Benjamin Symanski

He just never gets old. His music is timeless and makes you appreciate the little things in life for some reason :) I am always in a good mood after listening to him. Keep it up Rob!

toxic top hat

I'm not always in a great mood he really makes me wanna quit my job and pursue music lol I wish my job will never pay worth and I will always be broke at this rate so nothing really to lose


I think Rob deserves to have a nice, clean yard at this point.

Tommy Carson

Melodic, more upbeat than usual Rob Crow stuff but not too upbeat as to be obnoxious. Good to have Rob back making music again

Joshua Jones

Diggin it. Mr. Crow kills it once again. Welcome back sir. Although I get the sensation you never really left us behind, did you... You sly dog, you.

Joanna Lis

He looks so good! So happy to have him back.

K. Tsoutsoulis

it has that indelible RC sound! youthful vocals, and sci-fi/obtuse lyrics, and a haloweeny vibe. also...those socks!

Shane Peabody

Thank god he came back. Also, love the fitbit.

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