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Rob Crow Lyrics

They've been saying this all a while
They've been saving this small exchange
I'm a mess, you're a tile

Because the way things travel
The waves will alter them in flight
Is that the way things used to?
Still unresolved, but underneath there lies with you

Soft as leaves in the night
They can please their own children
They control their own lives
I can be so resourceful

They've been playing that song again
They're shaving it close again
I'm a spark, you're a wire

'Cause of the weight, the label's useful
So incorrect, but maybe there's
Still something breathing

Severed by hollow flight
There can be many options
They can be somewhat right
Possibly some arrangement

I'll just wait and you'll be fine
All this way, and still December

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Comments from YouTube:

Molly Robbins

thanxs :)

DankFamous 1

Rob got me listening to venom and James addiction way back in the day like 3o years ago he was ahead of his time. I want my Casio keyboard back


I knew Rob's mother in law...she's a beautiful woman...kind, sweet and has a heart of gold...she turned me on to Rob Crow's music and I never turned back...keep on rocking!


Dank Famous1

jon doe

"Drum machines" are so underrated. ........... SoS = typing.


2007 was amazing.


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Logan Mohler


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