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The Wrens Lyrics

You're the one I want
You're a chance to take
You're a hard break
And swore you'd never leave again

You're the only one
That I ever trusted
Or who ever cared at all
Is this how its going to be
Is this how you wanted me

Broken down again
Its almost over now
Is this why you wanted me
To watch as you walk away
You kept on killing me
And you don't even want to touch me

I was wrong
I've wasted on
Can't figure out
What happened to us
I won't count on you anymore

I'll be all right
Don't worry about me
Aren't you happy now
You got what you want
I wanted you
But I'm over that now
I'm so sick of you and what we went through

Your lies to me
Won't win again
So don't kid yourself
Its better this way
Its all back to me

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Comments from YouTube:

Drew Guttormsen

My dad brought me to a record store in Seattle to watch the Wrens play live back in 2004. I was 14 then I'm 28 now and have NEVER stopped blasting this album whilst driving to and from work or across the country. The speakers in my Volvo are blown out due to the last minute of this song. Worth it.

Orlando O

Your dad sounds like a really cool dude, not gonna lie. I had forgotten about this gem over the years, but glad I stumbled upon it again. Perfect song for early morning Volvo drives...

Chad Morgan

I remember myself & 2 friends drove up from Bellingham to go to that store show. We were late & missed half of it. If I remember The Seattle Weekly had the time wrong?


I was at the same show. I think it was in Ballard, if I remember correctly. Daytime show. Bought a copy of Seacaucus from one of the band members after they finished the set, which consisted primarily of Meadowlands songs. Cool, down to earth guys. Haven't heard but a handful of albums as good as that one since.

Bonnie Burton

Still one of my all-time favorite songs about heartbreak.

Paul Jenkins

Best Wrens song. Can't wait for the new album. Eagerly awaiting reading this comment 4 years from now when it finally comes out.

nfs fan101

KITT: It is widely documented that verbaly expressing the root of an emotion, can help provide a peace of mind. Is that research mistaken?

Sarah: No it's not.


Beautiful song.

LotadLover 12

Oddly enough, my math teacher brought me here.


coolest math teacher ever?

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