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Carry the Zero
by Built to Spill

I'm not knocking your want
To carry that home

Took it with you
When you moved and got it broke

Found the pieces
We counted them all alone

Didn't add up
Forgot to carry a zero

I can't be your
Apologist very long

I'm surprised that
You'd want to carry that on

Count your blemishes
You can't
They're all gone

I can't see your response
Putting them back on

Like they're waiting for your guard to fall
So they can see it all and you're so
Occupied with what other persons are
Occupied with
And vice versa

And you've become
What you thought was dumb
A fraction of the sum

Yeah, you've become
Yeah, you have become

A fraction of the sum
The middle and the front

And now it's coming back
Hasn't it come too far?

I was trying to help but I guess
I pushed too hard

Now we can't even touch it
Afraid it'll fall apart

Written by: DOUG MARTSCH

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Im a truck driver. I drive local now, but when i was an over the road trucker i always jammed the shit out of built to spill when I drove thru Idaho. Sounds cheesy but it always made the ride more fun.

Austin Sherod

Whenever I'd drive back from college to see my parents in Boise I'd always play Carry the Zero on my car stereo whenever I came into town on I-84.

Mully Mull

Love comments like these.


Great story! Truck drivers have always been unsung hero’s! Especially important during the pandemic!! xo

Andrew Garner

D B, I love your comment man. I feel ya. 2020 bruh.


Not cheesy at all bro. Thanks for sharing. This record was truly one of the best of the 1990s. Top 10 in my book.

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When these guys come to your town, please try to support them by Going to a show. Take Your friends, you won't be disappointed.

Paul Little

I wish any fucking band even remotely like this ever played my fuckhole town.

David Smith

I saw them play outside as the sun was setting at a festival a few years ago. I was a fan before the set but was also my first time seeing them live and god damn it was so perfect. ❤️

Jo-Anna Benton

They played at Woodward Threate in Cincinnati for their 'Keep It Like a Secret Tour.' It truly was an amazing show. Never gets old seeing Doug Martsch play on stage. 🎶💓

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