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A.M. 180
by Grandaddy

Don't change your name
Keep it the same
For fear I may lose you again
I know you won't
It's just that I am unorganized
And I want to find you when
Something good happens

If you come down
We'll go to town
I haven't been there for years
But I'd be fine
Wasting our time
Not doing anything here
Just doing nothing

We'll sit for days
And talk about things
Important to us like whatever
We'll defuse bombs
Walk marathons
And take home whatever together

Whatever together
Whatever together
Whatever together
Whatever together
Whatever together

Written by: JASON LYTLE

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RIP that one dude who got blood in his eye and turned into zombo


@m jeff amen

__Commander Seal__

@sarah oconnor he can be what ever he wants because he was the real hero of that movie.

Snake Plisskin

Elizabeth Anne I am 😂😂😂😂

Elizabeth Anne

Who is watching 28 days later during the Coronavirus pandemic???

Snake Plisskin

Bloody hell I remember this messed me up as a kid I swear that movie gave me ADHD

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Michael Schradle

I remember a friend of mine bootlegged "28 days later" back when bootlegging was relatively new so it was a real big deal, So we got a bunch of people together and watched it on the 4th of July. After the movie we went out and shot bottle rockets and roman candles at each other to this song. Was amazing. 

Michael Schradle

Doth my english bug you bumpkin?

LadSoc memes for anabolic teens

bootlegging was relatively new in 2002? Did you leave the Amish community in like, 2001?

chase ruel

That honestly sounds pretty beautiful

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