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Slow Apocalypse
Sleepy Gonzales Lyrics

And all at once I existed
With this feeling in my chest that I don′t know how to sit with
Eyes are open
Don't know where I′m going
Upside down clouds over mountains, unfolding

Deep in the forest you are planting seeds
Singing flowers only grow when no one else is looking
So come along, love, we're going to the ocean
Her water is always cold
But her arms are always open

You never so much as hesitate
You were holding all the tickets for the impulse getaway
You barely knew me
I saw you seeing through me
The shadow of our love
You didn't even know that you were chasing

I′m floating further and further from myself
I wish the moon would settle down
And kiss me through the evening
So come along, babe
We′re gonna steal a sea plane
I'd like to see them catch me

We′ll stay on top of this slow apocalypse
We'll stay on top of this slow apocalypse

You′re made of angel and space dust
You're the only kind of smoke I ever want inside of my lungs
It′s a riot
Police car side-flip
Burning in the streets in a Molotov fire pit

Yeah, we can dance in the orange glow
Until the military comes telling everyone to go home
But if I know us
We're gonna find a rooftop
Put the city underneath us

We'll stay on top of this slow apocalypse
We′ll stay on top of this slow apocalypse
We′ll stay on top of this slow apocalypse
We'll stay on top of this slow apocalypse

Writer(s): Allyson Lowry, Benito Hobson-dimas, Cristian Hobson-dimas, Nicholas Moniz

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Comments from YouTube:

Sabrina St James

perfect song to listen to as I sit in my room during quarantine while time passes psychotically fast 💗


Saw you guys open up for the backseat lovers at the bowery ball room. What a great opener! You guys were excellent live. Wish the vocals shined through a bit more on the recordings. Can't wait to see what else you guys have got coming!


I just found this on my spotify weekly. SUCH A VIBE song. Driving through the streets picturing scenes from zombie apocalypse movies. Incredible work!

Karson James

Found you guys on spotify from a reccomendation while listening to Sipper.

Guess I've just found my new favorite song to fall asleep to.

Sleepy Gonzales

Karson James thanks fam

Claire Saban

This song sounds like the warm sun peaking into your room giving that golden hour glow on your walls on a lazy Sunday afternoon as you sit daydreaming about the person you love most­­­­­


Can't believe this is so underrated, recently discovered it in my recommendations on spotify and I love the vibe, been listening to it nonstop. Really love the song, guys.

Music News 360

Amazing song! Sounds vaguely reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac.

Farya Zephyra

I love this song so much 🥰

Aric Froese

Beautiful lyrics <3

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