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Adult Living
Slug Guts Lyrics

You're thinking about living
Then it's time to die
I just get a little affair
Of the drums from inside
Well okay I've been down there
There's always another plan for..

Every time I need you I just stay up gone
Always remember when remember the..
I can stand alone I play honey out in the..honey
I will fear, I can stand forever playing apart auh

Still thinking about living
This time together
I get read of the party if you got snow and ice
Well I keep a woman up and..
Every time..
I living

Every time I need you I just stay up gone

I still have..I'm putting it through
I was..I could stay forever
I want it, I want it go
I could do it, I could stand
I want it, I want it

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Energy Catalyst

This band is really good.

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