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Don't Care
Smogus Lyrics

One warning after another
You keep on going on instead of searching for cover
I admire your courage
But I guess you left your brain in the storage
So make a decision I'll be wrecking your life you wish you were in prison
Don't tell me you can't
Cause I'll keep on repeating until you understand

You can't hurt me
You just fuel me

I don't care if you lie
I don't care
I don't mind what you do
I don't mind
I don't care what you write
I don't care
Cause it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt at all

You try to accomplish
A goal that is out of your league so just stop this
We play on our terms
It's a game called life and guess who's eating worms
Don't go away
You're a pain in the ass but you're creating our pay
The songs that we sing
Is inspired by the shit you bring so

It doesn't hurt me, no

I'll make you going insane by attracting all fame
Remove that block from your brain
How can you be so dumb
Look in my eyes and measure the size
Off the question mark, where's your spark
Why don't you realise
You want us to blame, for your lost fame
Like I give a damn about your name
So go on, roll on, like you even know one
I'll pack you up, your days are done

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