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Bad Dog
Stank Willie Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Bad Dog' by these artists:

Chumbawamba Puppy eyes Puppy eyes Tearing clothes Spitting pride Rol…
Neon Hitch I just found out that I'm fucking with a bad…
People of the Haze Bad Dog's never gonna get it, Before you give a dog…
Rosie Ugly Sometimes I feel like your lover Savor salt while I′m there …
The Selecter Bad dog Don't get no biscuit Sad dog Don't get no more mo…
Too Much Joy I have been: bad dog I am a bad dog I hang…
Wesley Willis This dog is a wild mutt He is a very wild…
•Neon Hitch I just found out that I'm fucking with a bad…

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Comments from YouTube:

Aidan Starr

Killing it as usual, every single is even better than the last. God bless Willie x

Indy Sidhu

Met Willie a fair few times as my brothers band has played with them as support. He’s the nicest guy.

Kenna KS

Why do people dislike this video? I genuinely don't understand. The dude is just in a room with dogs, chairs, and plants. And that other dude who is in that rad sweater.

Sage Moore

For those of you with the negative comments twoards this amazing artist; If you don't like the song that much then why even stay long enough to make the comment? He's having fun and enjoying what he's doing. It shouldn't matter how he doesn't look attractive enough to you or how the song has a 1980's vibe to it (which, by the way actually makes it 10 times better), I mean oh my god. Some of y'all need to sit down somewhere and leave him alone.
Keep up with the amazing work, Willie

part dard

I heard this today, i think this guys is amazing.

Trent Daniel

This is great!!!! Great setting, shots and music!!! :) ~<3

Katie No

i love the video and the song and everything he makes because it's all wonderful


I really like him. I'm 50 , I listen to 6Music because it's so eclectic and ,let's face it, no other radio is going to play this (especially commercial) He won't get nationally famous. He will make a decent living out of live gigs and hopefully get shown on TV at Glastonbury or something. Song for Joanna is outstanding BTW. Most of his stuff is very listenable to me. 
Dressed like some 1940s spiv and an early mick hucknell haircut , might not do him any favours with the thick as shit masses , unfortunately . But then again , ED shearan is a mega star ( WHY ???? FFS )

Jess-Luisa Flynn

What a G. Go Willie. <3

Oscar Birch

Smooth, love it

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