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Ground To Dust
Stone From Delphi Lyrics

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A Failure to Admit Wishful smiles on your face Loyalties divided Grabbed the g…

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World of Antiquity

Having visited the site just last week and seen the blocks with my own eyes, the theory concerning the sand patterns just doesn’t make any sense.
Mr. Lee has been to the site and examined the blocks many times. Why do you think it doesn't make any sense?

The amount of work it would take in order to carefully lift and secure the stones while workers climbed underneath with rocks and “smashed” the blocks smooth is just un feasible.
Why do you think it is unfeasible?

Making no mention of the incredibly bizarre features that some of the blocks have such as “plaster” marks (I only say that because many blocks have textures on the surface that resemble a wet unfinished plaster) or the famous “snake” which is on one of the corner stones.
This video is about Mr. Lee's theory, not about someone else's.

I’m only saying that the conservative “it was guys in loin clothes with hammer stones” theory does not complete the picture in the Andes mountains.
Portraying the people who created the Inca Empire as "guys in loin cloths" is insulting, to say the least.

Especially not when you compare the astounding similarities with ancient architecture found in many other sites in the world (egypt, turkey, easter island, china, japan etc.)
None of those places has architecture even remotely resembling Sacsayhuaman.

Thunder Rabbit

Greetings from Utah, Dr Miano. Just subscribed. You're doing great work. Thank you.

This video is very informative, but I was surprised there was no mention of the work of
Helmut Tributsch of the Carinthia University for Applied Science relating to the use of silica gel technology in the fitting of megalithic stones by the Incas.

Pyrite was an important component of the silica gel, and may be the underlying fact explaining the legend of Inca "Cities of Gold." Below is the abstract of his paper published in December 2017. I would be interested in your comments.

Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies
ISSN: 2472-6397


"Due to its impressive appearance, Inca masonry, which mostly consists of volcanic, silica containing rock material, has received much attention. A high level of understanding has consequently been reached of the diverse working steps and tools applied. An exception is the reddish mud, “llancac alpa” in the quechua language, and the “gold”, mentioned by early chroniclers as mortar which fitted the stones and later disappeared. Such techniques were related to folklore and not taken seriously. This study tries to understand them and the question was asked: did Inca builders have access to very acid mud? They did, and used the acid mud from their mines, which generated sulphuric acid through bacterial oxidation of pyrite (fools gold). It reaches an acidity of up to pH = 0.5, which is 104 times more acid than humic acid which is known to weather silica containing rocks via silica gel to the clay mineral kaolin. This acid mud allowed dissolving and softening the rock material superficially to a viscoelastic silica gel. The process could be further enhanced more than tenfold by addition of (oxalic acid containing) plant sap, a skill suggested from popular tradition. In special cases moderate heating of crushed pyrite in gaps between chiselled stones generated additional hot sulphuric acid. Where the stone to stone contact transmitted weight, pressure dissolution in the acidic environment removed material, and silica precipitation regenerated material in cracks and pores elsewhere. It is attempted to reconstruct how the Inca builders applied the silica gel technology for shaping stones, for polishing and fitting them. The appearance of shiny and glassy Inca stone junctions and interfaces is explained via solidification of in-situ generated or additionally added silica gel. Modern processes for conservation of stone monuments against environmental deterioration have independently developed similar silica gel based technology."



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socialismfails all day

Pedro Cieza de León wrote and published Crónicas del Perú. In said book he explains that the Inca's told him, during the Spanish conquest, that they found ruins of a much older civilization and build their civilization on those ruins. You're a liar.

Brenda Paduch

@World of Antiquity thank you for this respectful, informative and interesting response to his false claims and insult. You, sir, are a class act.

Brenda Paduch

@Marcus Lynch those repairs aren’t Incan, they’re modern - you didn’t watch the video and haven’t done your homework

Ric Helios

@socialismfails all day you are right the civilisation that errected cyclopean walls is very old and it desapeared thousand years before the Inca civilisation, like all old civilisation like Golbelki Tepe in other places in the world. This is a fact that only liers denie.

James Earl Cash

@World of Antiquity He is the man who invented the Taino people in 1935. Prior to
1492 the people in question did not identify
themselves as such.

World of Antiquity

@James Earl Cash No.

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David Hoshor

Thank you for posting this video. I've watched dozens of videos that ascribe the Peruvian ruins to more ancient civilizations, aliens, etc. It's good to see a video that offers explanations for the Inca building skills that don't rely on such fanciful reasoning. Vincent Lee may not be entirely right, but I think he's on the right track.

Firstname Lastname

He never made any such claim. Your reply makes no sense.


You don't have jack squat.

Shaun Madden

I love that I finally found this, the 'possible' answer to how they carved the stones to fit so perfectly. People have been amazing for 100,000 years and we shouldn't just say it was aliens and dismiss there skills and efforts. The strength and smarts of 1000s of men should never be under estimated.

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