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Hold You Tight
by Tara Kemp

[Chorus: x2]
Just want to hold you tight
All day All night
Just want to hold you tight

I look at you
You look at me
And then we smile
Knowing what we're in for

The kiss that you give
Makes me want you more and more
We're having the time of our lives

And then you say that
I will always be the one
Someone right for your dreams at night
I wish we could be
Right here, right now, always
Touching and loving you so right


Seeing you here by my side
Words come out that I can't hide
You're an image of my dreams

I need you and you need me too
As long as we keep holding on
I'll be there for you


Your body
Your beauty
I want more

[Repeat: x2]
I want you to
Hold me, love me, squeeze me
I need you to
Touch me, please me, tease me



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We used to dress like this. Man I miss the 90's. Way better than today.

Tiger Shadow

@Cat Man Absolute truth

Demetri Cruz

@Cat Man absolutely stay 80 90$ .we are blessed

Cat Man

Demetri Cruz
True.. Plus they were authentic all the way, there was no b.s. what you saw was what you got. And to top it off they weren’t trying to complete with you, you could be yourself without political nonsense.

Demetri Cruz

@Cat Man 90$ where majority of woman were real with real bodies

Cat Man

Classy & Sexy... These women today can’t compete.

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Bold Bandit

Always thought she was black.

AN Morgan

@dantrel81 🤣😂🤣😂 that speak English or African 🤣😂🤣 speak African??? And you call us ignorant when it's a continent made up of about 54 countries with an estimate of over 1500 languages and even more dialects. 🤣😂🤣 speak African... a good laugh for the day.

Peter Mwandemange

Me too


I always knew she was white.

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