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The Envy Corps Lyrics

This is a jailbreak
This is a Thursday afternoon
But I didn't mean it
No I didn't mean it!

I'd never get that far
My baby short breath wouldn't do
But you took it serious
Took it too serious!

You accused me
Of wearing movies in my eyes
But I still love you
Of course I love you!

And so I countered
You do the same, my Annie I.
And you closed them so fast
And you closed them so tight!

(La la la la la la la la la la)

If we're
Such good friends
Then why don't we act like it

I think it's time
We covered up our deaf spots now

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Comments from YouTube:


the scene from run fatboy run is what brought me here, lord knows how many kms i ran to this song, it hypes the shit out of me

Caine Pro

This is the type of band that doesn't get enough credit for their greatness

DJ Hatfield

Finally took me forever to find this bloody song! It's one of my favorite's!


Still your favorite song?


2021, still listening to this amazing tune!!

Emily Evans

Run Fatboy Run

sam stewart

@Brian Clarke this is the bomb.

Brian Clarke

me too lol took me hours to find


Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Clarke

great tune

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