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Celtic Storm
The Mighty Regis Lyrics

Black clouds come rolling, weather is charging like a nightmare
Fear turns to panic, and there's no safe place to hide
Givin' no fair warning, caught up in this riptide
Shallow breath now you're drowning, rocks and monster waves collide

Thunder shakes the ground, lighting snapping through the heavens
Hail, wind and water, a dark army they surround
Celtic storm is upon us, demon gusts deadly dancing
Batten down them hatches, pray for morning's early rise

Churning foam port and starboard, mast's moans heighten terror
First mate screaming orders, they're swallowed by the howls
Down below sailors huddle, silent mutters to absent angels
Hope disappears like moonlight, the galley echoes dooming growls


Calm falls like a ghost, the brine settles a scolded child
Topside to see the stars, the hereafter's knowing smile
Swabbies cry out in triumph, believe clearing conquered chaos
Long to see a harbor, land loving for a while
The depths cradle, now peaceful, but can't fight the eerie feeling
Sails begin to flap, something wicked on it's way
Mist and fog in the crows nest, last prayers all but given
Rally to your feet, boys, the devil's come back to play

From the stern returns the fury, the eye closes to the struggle
The bows men now overboard, this clipper pays at such a cost
Five more salties go a-missing, taking too much unholy water
Can't feel the deck below them, 58 souls now are lost

Disappear below the surface, faint cries slip away forever
On down to Captain Jones, they're committed to the deep
The gaels cackle to the cliffs, Celtic storm whips wild with its anger
Makes the ocean lunge and dive, while forever the haunted sleep

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I really like this.

chris peacock

Amazing song

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