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Chromatic Chimera
Unexpect Lyrics

Microscopic dust
To exist as I of many eyes
Tentacles in our heads wrestling with
Anonymous segments

Rowing deep into the murk with psychosis
Sitting on my lap
Finding a rhythm entangled in nothingness
On witnessing the present system
A monstrous collage in movement
Free to stray, swim in a tomb if you want

All directions, every angles
Nuances, infinite possibilities
Confusion of a saturated mind
The flood is so stimulating, but just where do we stop?
Currents numerous hard to focus yes yes!
We want answers! Not confused babblings!

Losing control is a treat, still
We could be drained
We could be drained of

Chimeras, precious chimeras
Ejected from the assembly
Unto a circular technological slave pen
Bound to be part of this geometrical harem
Speak the frequencies of liberation
The universal language of positive similarity
When one crosses the threshold of the collective territory

An antidote for the imperial poison

Written by: Eryk Chapados, Stephane English, Roxanne Hegyesy, Frederick Filiatrault, Charles Crepeau, Stephane Primeau

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Comments from YouTube:

Sanity Theorist

This is a new genre, it's called mindfuck

Linnea Akerlund

It's avant-garde metal...

Ben Mehner

Bryce Bruder, to borrow a phrase from Nils Frykdahl, I'd say this falls within the genre of rock against rock.


I think people underestimate how hard it is to write a song that portrays the feel of complete chaos without sounding absolutely terrible. This is a brilliant song because it really seems like the band understands what they're doing, even if we don't.

Metehan Şakoğlu

This song and group came from h.p lovecraft universe

Mid Kuraku

You would NOT want to listen to this on acid. You're bad at this.

Mark Wylie

how did it take me this long to discover this holy shit this is amazing


ive NEVER been into this kind of music but unexpect do it soooooo amazingly! its all ive been listening to lately i love them

Mister Zombie

one the best avant-garde metal bands!

cerbero 0

Fuck yeah!!!! this is amawesonaaaaastic O_o

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