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Voices in Your Head Lyrics

im bullet proof nothing to loose fire away fire away ricishe you take your aime fire away fire away you shoot me fown and I won't fall I am titanium
you shoot me fown
but I wont fall
I am titanium
I am titanium

Contributed by Hannah C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Amanda Kay Howell

Good work. Most of the problems I could mention were most likely due to a low budget so I won't even go there. Very creative and the singing was well done also!

Jason Troutman

I bought this track from iTunes a month ago and have listened to it about fifty times already. Such a great arrangement and powerfully executed. Voices in Your Head is one of my new favorite acappella groups. Can't wait for the album.

Harry Steel

My Music Teacher Played This At Lunch Time And I Was Blown Away! And Then For The Rest Of This Week Ive Been Singing It In My Head! Its Brilliant! Keep Up The Work! Purchased On Itunes Also! Supporting You All The Way! :D

Bryce Hagan

not a fan of the costumes hahaah but the music is absolutely beautiful! love it.

Thomas Haddock

Love it!


aww, well i'll keep my eye out for the album, love your stuff keep up the good work ...and perhaps...reconsider and record Little Lion Man :D

Jonathan Rice

Fantastic job guys! I show your ICCA performance of this piece to everyone and this definitely brings it to a new level! Great costumes, great choreography, and I love how "edgy" and different it is. Be proud. I love listening to your music!


Not my cup of tea but A+ for the courage to try something different! Might be cool if you reuse those costumes for a grungy/creepy cover of Sweet Dreams or Every Breath You Take.

Elena Yule

I love the track titanium! i play it like everyday XP

Kellen Flowers

I saw this at ICCA finals 2012. My A Cappella group has not stopped talking about it yet! To us you will always be the colored tights group! Love it!

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