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Young Man Lyrics

It's not something new
nothing times as somethin you knew
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
It's no surprise

Stay it's not what you

Writer(s): Colin Caulfield Copyright: Smanly Music, Chrysalis Songs

Contributed by Colton A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


2018 and still the most underrated song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Cipili

I have loved this song since 4 years ago when I first heard it and I don't understand how he hasn't made it big yet. beautiful music, true talent, real art


Amanda Cipili Because they need a better drummer.


i've never heard of diiv. gotta check it out.

David B.

He joined the band diiv so I don't think he records or performs under the moniker Young Man anymore. It's kinda sad because his music is dope and I don't care for diiv.

Amanda Cipili

+Alexandra A honestly this one is because it's the first song that introduced me to him. I love it


I agree. He's so talented and has a very unique style. I would love to see him live. What is your favorite song of his? I like 'Nothing' and 'Enough'

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Sam Caballero

just bought their vinyl. this album was soooooo made for vinyl.

chris mqz

2019 and still most underated song!!! this song is at the top of my list!


10,000 of those views are from me alone o_o

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