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The Fatalist
Robbers on High Street Lyrics

I was down for the counte
Down, never out
I was determined
But I couldn't catch a break
Always treading in the wake
Like I was afraid of it

So I gave up the fight
Let me fall where I might
And maybe I'm set to win
I quit action, I quit plan
Shook that big, invisible hand
And welcomed the Fatalist

Give yourself into its vision
No more struggle, no decisions
Beyond your control
So give in and let go
Enter the Fatalist

Oh, we try so hard
Oh, we try, try so hard
To get out of this
What is behind it?
The omniscient it
Yes, Fatalist, Fatalist, Fatalist, the Fatalist

Give yourself into its vision
No more struggle, no decisions
Beyond your control
Welcome the unknown
Yes, Fatalist

Written by: Ben Trokan, Morgan King, Steve Mercado, Tomer Danan

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Comments from YouTube:


Great stuff man, loving this band, I just wish they were more available, they aren't on itunes so i have to look everywhere to buy their album

Congressman McDouchebag

This is one of my all time favorite bands, I wish more people knew about robbers on high street

Andrian Gomez

i love this band... they are great live too :o)

Days in Antietam

I love this song! Used to be on my myspace page.


This song has amazing rhythm.


Also, if anyone can point me in the direction bass tabs for this song I will love you for eternity


Such an amazing band, they need more popularity. Spread the word.

acejhen Caballero

i know right, that's the least that can be said for most musicians and/or groups

Andrew S

whoa....ive never heard these dudes before. some of the funkiest bass ive heard in a while...solid drums. i'll definitely be buying an album soon. 5/5


I would say it's surprising that this band is famous, but then again, crappy music is what the mainstream likes nowadays.

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