Akon And DJ Sam The Man Lyrics

Its about to get hot!
Its about to get hot!
All this (huh)
And the beat it don't stop
We keep rockin it
We keep rockin it

Everybody watching her
The way she sway to the beat
From the left to the right
Tryin to see what up with her
Who's the lucky man who gonna have a wild for the night
I wanna say she's eyein me
But I can't really tell cause its dark in the place
So I'm watching shorty quietly
And I'm thinkin to myself should I chill or should I chase

I could tell by the way she looked at me
She was somebody who could be
The type that I need in my world


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@fahad alanxi


War, starvation, political unrest, pollution, global warming, and a host of other world wide situations haven't killed off the mammalized population of the planet yet.

You think THIS IS the end of the world?

Millions of people all across the globe have been recreating (and in certain areas living) like this for hundreds of years and they haven't died off completely yet.

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Richard Sandwell

Nice to see all the happy faces that being free and nude outdoors brings.


Wouldn't it be nice if most of human society was willing to try nude recreation long enough to want to learn this?

Being naked outdoors feels GREAT (when weather conditions permit it). Why won't people believe that as a fact all in itself?

Michael Wells

That's fun. I wanna go wherever they are and hang out with them.


Yeah me too!

Michael Wells

WOW!!! I'm in love with New Zealand.

Kovu Pride

+Michael Wells Welcome to New Zealand...


+Michael Wells

So all 3 of you do a google search for "nude beaches in _____________" and type in the name of the state or country that you live in.

There are more than 200 nude beaches all over the world. Maybe each one of you lives near one.


+Michael Wells I know right.. I wanna hang out with that one blonde in beginning & near end of video, she looks like she has fun personality & fun to be around.. plus wonderful boobies too & cute smile.. :)

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Makenzie Kinsella

Wow just wow I have never done it before I wish I could have been there or could do it here


So where is here? Maybe I can help you find the next event.

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