Sawing On The Strings
Alison Krauss Lyrics

Way back in the mountains
Way back in the hills
There used to live a mountianeer
They called him Fiddlin' Will
He could play most anything
And some say he could sing
But the one thing that he liked to do best
Was sawing on the strings..

So get out the fiddle
And rosin up the bow
Look at ol' Will a pattin' his toe
we'll make music til the rafters ring
All that pickin' and a sawin on the string.

When the neighbors had a shindig
And they all had viddles to eat
We'd always have to wait on Will
To make the frolic complete
When he comes down from the mountain
All the gals began to sway
Sometimes he'd pick that ol' 5 string
Until the break of day.

So tune up the 5 string
Tighten up the hyde
Tell all the hill folks to get inside
All them pickin' and a sawing on the string.

So tune up the 5 string
Tighten up the hyde
Tell all the hill folks to get inside
All them pickin' and a sawing on the string...


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Comments from YouTube:

Raymond Eaton

Tony is one of the nicest, most considerate people you will ever meet. Sure wish he was out there playing again. I asked him at a show years ago if I could look at his guitar. He handed it to me and said he was going to the restroom. He turned around as he was walking away and said "If you let anything happen to my guitar I'm gonna kick your ass"". I was a complete stranger to him. What a guy to let someone he doesn't even know play that old Martin. A person that trusts like that is a very trustworthy person in their own right. He is a good guy.

John Price

That’s awesome 😂


Not Deceived so jealous wow


I love everybodys smiles from ear to ear when Tony takes his break.

Chris McDonell

What a heavy hitting bluegrass band, pure class and professionalism


I can watch this video over and over again and be just as amazed every time. It is so gorgeously executed, each part so clean and pure - the vocal timing and accuracy is as tight as it gets... WOW!! Too bad the whole world doesn't love this stuff, it'd be a lot happier place.


When Alison says, "Ton-E," she sounds exactly like Tony's mom, Dorothy "lovely" Louise Rice. I used to talk with her a lot, but she's in a nursing home in North Carolina. Prayers going up for her as well as the Rice family. She asked me to never give up praying for her buys, especially Tony. A family picture she sent is posted on my wall as a reminded. Good people!

DJ Johnson

What a VOICE...clarity and expression is beyond description. Quality musicians doing what we should all do...ENJOY this music and talented individuals.


the twin fiddlers really are awesome. great tune by the b/g musicians.Rice well what can you say. One of the great flat-top pickers ever. Not recognized as he should be IMO

Brad sparks

Its chemical how everyone smiles when tony took his break! I did too!

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