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Made Of Stars
Astrosphere Lyrics

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Hovi Star A language I don't understand You speak I listen I'm your…
Low Leaf I used to be afraid of being alone Until I pulled…

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Scientific Devil

@Skeleton Cru
Are you flat-tards really still using the same narrative as you were 2 years ago?
You all say exactly the same things, word for word. Do you know why?
Because you all saw the same bs youtube video.
If you want to talk about critical thinking, think about that.
Do you have anything besides speculation? What makes you think you were lied to so badly when you were young?
You got an education but you think your entitled to it.
Your able to post here because of your education. .
Don't take it for granted.

Mulongo Kato

@mrsnoo86 The Moon is 100% real, and it exists. What you are failing to understand is where it is physically. Here is a clue.

As I explained, the Sky has some "Portal/Door-Ways" to a distant place, and that door-way/portal make us to have light of the Sun, light of the Moon and the Stars. I guess you have seen movies where people travel to distant places through a portal, Stargate Series is one of them. The kind of portal used in such travel is different from the portal I am talking about (one that makes the Sun, Moon, Stars visible on earth).

Here are some pictures to illustrate what I am trying to explain

Looking at the first image, imagine that portal covering the whole Earth, at a far distance from the surface of the Earth. This is how we are able to see the Sun, Moon, Stars etc. The Sun is equal to the Moon, the Stars are equal in size to a large mountain in comparison.

Have you ever seen two Suns in the Sky?

There is only one Sun, but if Scientists can replicate the "Portal/Door-Way" up above the surface of the Earth, then this understanding explains it all. Please remember; scientists can use technology to make rain, bring snow, storms, etc. What do you think is Geo-engineering for?

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Nandan Kadam

Who else is not even listening to her..
And just having fun reading comments section..



Jabbie jabbie


ghost hound


Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

caught me😳

The King's Daughter

I literally ran to the comment section😭

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So. The conspiracy theorists are right! They said we’ve never been to space, never left earth orbit, and that the moon is inside with us!

Black Rose Immortal

@Deebee Cooper ok dude i usually have a very open mind about many stuff but this is delusional. Seek help for god's sake.


@James Goettel yah, I have always loved their cold moonlight crap. Totally misunderstanding the science behind their poor experiments.

James Goettel

@Dan I'm with you see them all the time in the summer,don't like the cold.Maybe he thinks those are stars just realigning.Believe me these flerfs really come up with some strange theories.Such as the moon giving off cold light or reasons for tides.

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