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The Greatest Showman
Austyn Johnson Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Austyn Johnson:

A Million Dreams Every night I lie in bed The brightest colors fill my…

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Comments from YouTube:

Emmail fans

I love it👌🏻

Have Fun with Aum TV

Love this 😍😍

Xd Solo

this is so good

Emmail fans


Gamer Jack Z Gamer

How would they know the song Phineas and Charity sang it before they were born

Nyasha ♡

@Alyssa Kennedy yup. That or it’s like some musicals, where they sing the song, but not in real time. They aren’t actually singing it out loud.

Alyssa Kennedy

They could have sung it to them when it's bedtime (off screen of course)


Despise this crap

Mega carter

@MHA PLUS ULTRA 2 then why are you searching it up

MJ Incorporation

1. Whyd ya watch it then
2. Explain yourself plz

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