I Want Your Sex
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Come on
Oh boy, oh yeah
I, I, I want you baby

Oh, so much love that you've never seen
Let's make love, put your trust in me
Don't you listen to what they told you
Because I love you, let me hold you

Oh, I'm not your brother, I'm not your father
Oh, will you ever change your mind?
I'm a gentle lover with a heart of gold
Baby you not so unkind, oh

Come on, I want your sex
Come on, I want your sex
That's right, all night
Oh, I want your sex
I want your sex

Sexy baby's, sexy body
Keeps me guessing with a promise
Well, I know we can come together
But the question is will we ever, ever?

Sexy baby's, sexy body
Keeps me guessing with a promise, oh
I know we can come together
But the question is will we ever, ever?
Together you and me

I want to hold

Overall Meaning

you close and feel your heartbeat
Let's be alone and make it sweet
There's no need to rush, take it slow
I'll be here for you, don't you know

Oh, let's forget about the rules
And just move to our own groove
Let's explore this love we found
And never let it bring us down

The lyrics to Big Daddy's song "I Want Your Sex" are certainly sensual and focus on asking the lover to give themselves fully. The singer expresses a desire for their partner and persuades them that they can be trusted. The song is about the physical relationship between lovers and how it should be natural and free from societal constraints. While the lyrics may be considered controversial and explicit, they also have a very romantic and idealistic quality.

One interesting fact about the song is that it was actually released in two parts. The first part was released as a single, which became a massive hit, while the second part was included on the album "Faith". Another intriguing aspect of the song is that it was banned by several radio stations due to its explicit nature. However, this only served to make the song more popular.

The song was also groundbreaking in terms of visual creativity, with its music video challenging conventional gender roles by displaying a range of different couples in different states of undress. The video was widely discussed, with some critics even accusing it of being exploitative.

In terms of musical inspiration, the song was influenced by the R&B and funk sounds of the 70s, which can be heard in the heavy bass guitar and horn sections. The song is also notable for its use of a sample from Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone from the Sun".

Despite its controversial lyrics, "I Want Your Sex" has been recognized by several music publications as a classic of its era. It remains a staple of 80s music and is often used in movies and TV shows set in that time period.

The chords to the song are:
Verse - C#m7 – Dmaj7 – Cmaj7 – Dmaj7
Chorus – A – B – A – B – C#m7

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