Cindy of a Thousand Lives
Billy Bragg Lyrics

Blue velvet America
Half glimpsed in the headlights between the trees
Who punctured the beauty
And invited monsters such as these
The pig faced boy, the corrupted clown
The grotesque figure who never comes into town
Something broken, something stained
Something waiting for the worms to claim
And you can never go there again
Except in nightmares
The voyeur who dares not come near
Knows excitement is merely the beginning of fear
My shadow came this morning
And left some candy in my shoe
They're always watching me
Watching the things I do
Cindy of a thousand lives
Cindy of the Stepford Wives
I've looked at all the photographs
But Cindy, which one of them was you?

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Comments from YouTube:


I've always loved the spooky, evocative soundscape that Johnny Marr built around this beautiful Billy Bragg song, he completely nailed it - it's a standout track on this album. And now the perfect video to accompany it - nice work.


Thanks for watching. It was fun assembling the montage on this extraordinary song. Completely agree with you... kudos to Marr!


"The voyeur who dares not come near knows excitement is merely the beginning of fear." wow. I don't believe this guy has ever penned a bad lyric.


IMHO, he did pretty badly with "Trust" on the same album. It's meant to be a song about AIDS, but it wound up coming off like it was sung from the POV of a molested child.

john shearer

Can this sticky stuff really be love... there's one


for me this was the last truly great Billy Bragg song....


Coolest artist acknowledgment of a fan-created video in the entirety of YouTube, and therefore, the universe. Well deserved, it's a great video. Don't miss reading the summary here.


eye first heard this song played fairly quietly at a friend's funeral, and it's magic was instant and everlasting. truly beautiful. hard to believe it's billy.

RIP Andy.

David Feldmann

It took me a long time to warm up to this album. Bought it on CD in the pre-YouTube era not having heard any of the tracks. Wasn't sure if I liked it at first but over the years, it's become one of my favorite Bragg albums. This song in particular is brilliant. Love the subject matter (I'm a former postman myself, so any song about mail is A-OK!) and the production/mix is more interesting than the average Bragg track. Thanks for making this video which puts it all in context.


Another great musical arrangement by Johnny Marr.

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