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by Billy Harner

You said you didn't want to see me anymore (anymore)
You said you didn't love me no anymore (anymore)
When you turned and departed
I just stood there brokenhearted
Couldn't hold the tears back not anymore (anymore)
When he doesn't want to see anymore (anymore)
When he doesn't love you no anymore (anymore)
He will turn away and leave your crying
You'll think your broken heart is dying
Then, you'll find you won't be laughing anymore (anymore)

My shirt is not for you cry on anymore (anymore)
My lips won't kiss away your tears no anymore (anymore)
My heart beats on to a challenge?(talent)
I kept your love too many hours
I just don't want to see you no anymore (anymore)
Not anymore (anymore)
Anymore (anymore)
Not anymore (anymore)
Anymore baby (anymore)
Anymore baby
Baby No No No

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