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TEDTalks : An inside tour of the world's biggest supercollider
Brian Cox Lyrics

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Mike Dickson

@Mr. Anonymous No, their amends are made by living long enough to glimpse the dawning of
enlightenment. Going fascist about
elimiminating who is currently in vogue to consider inferior only shows that we all have reflexive
intolerance as an imperfection. We
perfect our weaknesses as a matter of will, to emulate what we imagine
some god might expect of us as an
ellightened species. Tempting to pick a scapegoat? Yes. Who are you
to assume you are justified except to
protect against imminent harm? Want to be godlike? Then act as a god you would respect.

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Cynthia Thornton

The irony of watching a video on a topic this scientifically advanced... on a video in 240p.

Carl Draper

2 years and still the best comment :)

Idk Jackkk

Oh the irony goggity goo my brotha man

Julius Raben

Im not suprised when i see "how old" it is. Dont want to say its THAT long ago, but i didnt had a smartphone back then. So.. yeah..

Robert C. Christian

Not only that, we found the Higgs particle!


"watching a video on a topic this scientifically advanced" - methinks they reverse engineered it

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12 particles of matter
4 forces of nature
Its a wonderful and significant story

Alberto Lopez

@Purple All_the_things LMFAOO

Ma. Angelita Anda


Mouth Ver


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