Rock The World
Bubbles Lyrics

Wanna fly, high above in the sky
looking all over the world,
people get ready now
And I see, everything I wanna see
Surrendering every part of me
People get ready now

We're gonna rock the world (rock the world)
We're gonna dance all night (dance all night)
We're gonna rock the world (rock the world)
We're gonna make it right (we're gonna make it right)

Every boy and girl
Every where you turn
We're gonna show you how
How to rock the world

When you smile, the rain won't come your way
We'll make it a brighter day
It's time to move along
Look and see the good inside of me
You can be what you wanna be
It's time to move along


So if you hear our voices on the radio
Maybe you'll wonder what we're gonna do


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Comments from YouTube:


this is my fav song outta all the others of theirs.

Desert Flower98

Thats so weird i still know all the lyrics from bubbles! I dont know how long ago their songs came out but i am 27 now 🤣🤣 i live in Belgium


I was looking through my sister’s stuff and encountered the cd of one of their albums that included this song. And nostalgia hit me so here I am

Manita Prins

Same! 27, was trying to sleep last night and suddenly remembered this. I know everything word for word.

agela gozales

We're both 27 😊
I just heard it now from my neighbor, and this is the first time I search for this song on YT. It is so refreshing to hear this song from my childhood.

Kim Vandecasteele

Childhood memories :(

Charlie Maine

Help me breh I can't hold all these nostalgia feels


The longer the song goes, the more memories keeps popping up in my head haha.

moa hellström

omygod. i loved bubbles when i was 4-8, now i remember how i was standing in my bed, and lip-synced to this song.. and i said to my dad (who F1LMED it) ; ''film me, i want to be on tv when i grow up'' .. and now i'm gonna go watch it. love <3

Sanosuke Sagara

Hannah's voice was supercute back then!

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