Under Your Spell
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lyrics

Amber Benson

I live my life in shadow
Never the sun on my face.
It didn't seem so sad, 'tho.
I figured that was my place.

Now I'm bathed in light.
Something just isn't right.

I'm under your spell.
How else could it be
Anyone would notice me?
It's magic, I can tell.
How you set me free,
Brought me out so easily.

I saw a world enchanted,
Spirits and charms in the air.
I always took for granted
I was the only one there.

But your power shone,
Brighter than any I've known.

I'm under your spell.
Nothing I can do.
You've just took my soul with you.
You worked your charms so well.
Finally I knew. Everything I dreamed was true.
You make me believe.

The Moon to the Tide.
I can feel you inside.

I'm under your spell.
Surging like the sea.
Drawn to you so helplessly.
I break with every swell.
Lost in ecstasy.
Spread beneath my Willow tree.
You make me complete!

You make me complete.
You make me complete.
You make me complete.

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Ray 957

@Queen Bitch KaNoMiko Lemme tell you a story.

A kid is growing up in a small semi-suburban area, let's say somewhere in the US, one of the more rural parts. Pennsylvania sounds about right. It's quite conservative and mostly white/straight.

The little girl loves to watch television, as most kids do. The bright shiny colors draw her in. She loves the characters. They're out there riding dragons, battling demons, flying high on golden wings, all of them kind and brave and strong. She's enraptured.

There's just one problem (and hopefully soon you'll see why it is a problem).

Every hero is a straight white man.

This girl is black, and, although she doesn't know it yet, she's lesbian.

As she gets a little older, these shows practically raise her. Say, on a day she was crying, her mom would turn on the TV and she'd start laughing again. She loves this show.

And, because she was a kid, young and impressionable, she molded to what was in front of her. A child sees things and learns from them and this little one was no different. She saw all the white guys, strong and shiny and brave. She saw this as "wow, this must be right". And, to a little girl, something subconscious shaped in her and told her that the white guys were the heroes, because that's all she saw. She was too young to have seen any big daring adventures in real life.

Remember that this girl is in a relatively rural area. Almost all of her friends are white.

Now, this girl grows up thinking, subconsciously, that she's different. She doesn't know anyone like her, she hasn't seen them saving the day on TV.

As she gets older, she starts catching feelings for girls. She doesn't personally know anyone lesbian, either. Everyone on TV was straight, too, so she had no way of seeing others like her. She questions herself. It just reinforces how different she feels, how alienated. She doesn't tell anyone that she's gay.

After a hard day where she felt more than ever like something was wrong with her, she turns on the TV. It's always been her comfort. And she wants to be brave like those heroes so she can fight off the sadness.

Like always, every single one of the heroes is white and straight. She flips through books. Same deal.

She'll never be just like them, though! It's so hard for her to relate to the people so different from her, who've never endured teasing about the color of their skin, who've never felt the need to hide their blush because it was directed at a girl and crying in a bathroom stall because they fear bullying for that, too.

In a fit of frustration, she throws a book at the TV. She misses. Even that tells her she's not good enough.

She doesn't know that she can talk to people about this, or that it's normal to love who you love.

She just thinks, she's not like the heroes in the stories, so maybe she's just not good enough, there's something wrong with her, she'll never be a hero, she can't be brave. After all, every single hero she knows of is white and straight, so isn't that just how the world works?

(And if you're wondering why she isn't friends with any minorities, you've probably never been to the rural US. I've been there and I literally only met one black person. In the whole town.)

But then this girl finds a show, for example, Adventure Time. Two girls kiss. And it rocks her world, because finally she has some validation. Her feelings are real, because people like her do exist. Not only that, but they're heroes, and they're people and not caricatures. Someone like her can be a princess, a rock star, and anything inbetween.

She then watches, for example, The Dragon Prince, where a black king rules justly and biracial princes go on quests to save the world.

Someone like her can be a hero, it seems. But it took her forever to learn that.

If you think this is an exaggerated example, then you've been hella sheltered and privileged, because thousands of people live lives similar to this. For a million and one possible reasons, they haven't seen minorities be heroes in person. They turn to fiction as a coping mechanism and get their worst fears confirmed when they never see anyone like them being brave and strong and heroic. Children learn from what they see, and if they don't have representation, they learn that they aren't the heroes.



I lived my life in shadow
Never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad, though
I figured that was my place
Now I'm bathed in light
Something just isn't right

I'm under your spell
How else could it be
Anyone would notice me?
It's magic, I can tell
How you've set me free
Brought me out so easily

I saw a world enchanted
Spirits and charms in the air
I always took for granted
I was the only one there
But your power's shone
Brighter than any of I've known.

I'm under your spell
Nothing I can do
You just took my soul with you
You worked your charms so well
Finally, I knew
Everything I dreamed was true
You made me believe...

Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh. (etc...)

The moon to the tide
I can feel you inside
I'm under your spell
Surging like the sea
Pulled to you so helplessly
I break with every swell
Lost in ecstasy
Spread beneath my willow tree
You make me complete!
You make me complete
You make me complete

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Kitty Grimm

With that voice and in that costume, Tara is basically a lesbian Disney princess. Beautiful!

Chris RJ

1:26 - You're watching Disney Channel!

Charlie Cecilia

@Johanne Eines Tara didn't know that and she still had the right to leave after what Willow did.

Johanne Eines

@Charlie Cecilia but then it is too late

Charlie Cecilia

@Johanne Eines Willow messed up, Tara had the right to leave. And she does come back to Willow.


@Dad not really

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Put into context, this song is much more heartbreaking. In the episode before, Willow makes Tara forget an argument using magic. Tara is literally under her spell.

Raymond Morgan

@Bitch the thing is, Tara doesn't know how many times Willow has used the spell. Only that she did resort to it. That's a pretty big deal breaker I reckon.

Philip Jones

@TheMarkmcr the memory spell was at the end of the episode before the musical one

zoé Turcotte

When Tara song all people they are react to this song say Tara has under Willow spell but that’s not the fact Tara singing al of her love for Willow and Amber benson tell herself Tara singing all of her love for Willow see the behind scenes of Buffy musical episode part 1

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