In Due Time
CalledOut Music Lyrics

Hey Sam how are you doing its Chibuzu here
Yea I’m waiting on God it’s something I had to learn really really quickly
And I had to learn it the hard way
You know I remember a couple of years ago once when I was on holiday and I came across an artist as I was walking through the town
And this guy had just started drawing on new painting
You know and I could see him as he took his time line by line
He started to paint a picture which is completely from memory
You know what baffled me was that as he drew the painting I didn’t understand what he was trying to draw
You know I could see him put a line here a line there
And he would put shadows here you know shadows there and it was such a slow process that I got bored
You know I walked away literally but few hours later on my way back I saw what this guy had drawn and oh my God it was absolutely beautiful It was a masterpiece
And there and then you know I could just see God telling me at that tough stage in my life you know that look I have a masterpiece in my mind that I am drawing
And it’s going to take me you know time to put it together but you just have to wait
You know you have to be patient you have to trust me you know you have to trust that I will do it you know I will do it correctly the way that I planned to do it
It’s never going to be the way that you wanted me to do it I will do it my way you know and that’s God you know that’s God speaking that’s God saying as he did it in the bible
In Ecclesiastics chapter 3 verse 1 you know he says ha for everything there is a season you know the time for every activity under the sun and here he also says in Ecclesiastics chapter 3 verse 11 you know it says that God has made everything beautiful in his time
In his time he will make it beautiful you just have to trust him
You just have to trust him you know so just sit back you know relax and let God do his thing
It will happen in his time alright man speak to you later


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