Yes Yes Yes
Calypso Mama Lyrics

Oh! Me mummy bought a rooster. She took it for a hen.
Thought it would lay eggs, about nine or ten.
So she made up a nest of some straws and some grass.
But it didn't lay nothing but it's yes, yes, yes.
She bought another rooster, she took it for a duck.
Sat it on the table with it's two legs turned up.
In came sis, with a spoon and a glass.
She started to stirring out the gravy from his yes, yes, yes.
Papa Papa! Now you must be getting old.
Mama's round the corner selling all your sweet jelly rolls.
Papa said, "Come here woman and come in here fast" .
And stop that shaking your yes, yes, yes!
It was the night before Christmas and all through the house.
Not a creature was stirring, not even a little mouse.
When down by the chimney I heard something pass.
It was Santa Claus sliding on his yes, yes, yes.
The bullfrog sat on the mountbeak.
He dipped his tail in a hot pan of grease.
He said, " Eh. excuse me folks but i just got a pass"
Because I'm slippin' slidin' scoopin' on my yes, yes, yes!
Way down under in St. Augustine
The black cat sat on the sewing machine.
Ha! That sewing machine, she sowed so fast.
She sowed ninety-nine stitches in his yes, yes, yes.
Now you all heard about dellinger, he rode up to a gas station.
And said to the attendant,
"Well I think this look like a pretty good location" .
So the attendant said, "Do you want my gas?"
He replied, "Either your gas or your yes, yes, yes" .

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Kanako Premma

yesyesyes ♡-♡

Otis Murphy

Playfully delicious !!!! YES ...


Beautiful Song ...

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