Role of a Lifetime
Cappadonna Lyrics

Homicide Hill, S.I., New York City
Slow your roll, it's my word
Slap all ya niggaz, I hate ya'll
Aiyo, aiyo

These streets got the best of me, my lifestyle's corrupt
It's jakes lookin' for Don, and I don't give a fuck
'Cause my niggaz be on the block, ready to rock
We got big bags of ready on us, one glock
Feds makin' it hot, so I dipped off
I smoke the ill idiot shit like Malakoff
Me and my thug niggaz, too chipped off
Staten Island be the land of the lost
You can't front, you can't floss
S.I. New York City, the burnt out apartments, the hallways that's gritty
It's a pity we livin' this shit, cracks under my dick
Feel my pain, if you know about this shit
Dope in the toilet, money in the mattress
We keep ratchets, and like niggaz up north, we fuck a fat bitch
We eat octopus too, and we love the catfish

[Chorus: x2]
The building of the most powerful dynasty
We not just any stars, whether you be a murderer
Or maybe the world just never heard of you
Go 'head and play it out, this the role of ya lifetime

Shoot 'em up shit, nigga, shoot 'em up shit, nigga
(Yeah bitch), yeah all up in your voicebox nigga

Yo, all ya'll bitch ass muthafuckas, ya'll ain't shit
You actin' like you can't happen til I pop the clip
Have your girl suckin' my dick, run in your crib and take chips
You don't know me, I don't fuck around with ya'll, homie
You can't hold me, fake ass niggaz owe me
Big Don from the group home
Sittin' on the front stoop smokin' a bone
All ya'll hatin' ass niggaz, get one in your dome
Or I'm up in the studio, playin' the phone
I put hits on your fam, dog, now you alone
So why you just not popular yet, I grab my tech
And run around the blocks and demand respect
It's the who? Nigga, Jay Bird, that's my word
I leave your body in the dollar van, your brains on the curb
Staten Island niggaz be the most superb
Laid back in the joint, just be smokin' the herb

[Chorus: x2]


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Comments from YouTube:


I saw Cappa do this joint live. He kicked the resident Dj off stage and lit the club up!!!!


Peace Capp met u like 7 times already. U a tru don in this rap shit

Baltimore Z-Wad

Another great Donna-myte banger

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