Parker's Mood
Charlie Parker Lyrics

Se te olvido, todo el cariño que conmigo compartías
Se te olvidaron las canciones y los días
Sin mencionar las noches que te hice el amor

Se te borraron todas los fotos, los mensajes en tu cellular
Se te borraron las caricias, eso si nunca podrás
Pero ay algo chiquitita que no podrás olvidar

Que fui el primero corazón, en darte un beso
El primer beso, ese que nunca volverá
Y si lo niegas corazón te lo devuelvo
Pa' que te acuerdes de todito lo demás

Se que me extrañas, yo estoy muy seguro de eso
Y aunque no quieras nunca podrás encontrar
A quien sea como el primero


Contributed by Lila N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


A full encyclopedia of blues in just one song... This is pure art!

Anita David

Nothing like the Bird - something about him, he stands head and shoulders above them all - so much soul, feeling combined with masterful technical proficiency and easy control of his instrument - God bless his soul.

Charles Barry

The greatest alto player of all time.
Destroyed by the same demons that haunted many players

Aro tej

The greatest musician of the 20th century and of this one so far. Bird will live forever. Long Live Charlie Parker!

Rudolph Guarnacci

Pete Barbutti.


How about Rachmaninoff?


Hank Williams also wrote lyrics.

Childe Harold

Replying 8 years later. Agreed re Bird as greatest musician of century, though there are a handful about as great. Off top of head, Hendrix, maybe Coltrane in his way, a few others? Schnabel playing Beethoven?

Bob Taylor

I'd pick Artie Shaw or Bix Beiderbecke, and how can you omit Louis Armstrong, with whom it all began?


John Lewis' piano solo on this cut is also outstanding.

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