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He wasn't just drunk. He was strung out. They held him up to the microphone, so he could record without falling over. And this is what came out, Charlie.


That was the earlier Dial recording of the song in 1946


How can such beauty exist? A moment in time, and a painful one at that. But the result, despite Yardbird's disdain for an interesting error that ended up in expressing the emotions of the ballad anyway, was the most gorgeous rendition that not even Billie Holiday's wonderful version could rival. Charlie's harmonics at the end are the stuff dreams are made of. Like it or not, Bird, this one of yours is one of Jazz's memorable highlights.


I think this is one Bird's most emotional playing ever, you can hear and feel the pain and loneliness in his sax sound and phrasing. I love his ballads and tunes with strings, he slows down and allows the sax to fully express the emotion of the song.


"Y entonces ha entrado Johnny y nos ha pasado su música por la cara, ha entrado ahí aunque esté en su hotel y metido en la cama, y nos ha barrido con su música durante un cuarto de hora. [...] cualquiera se da cuenta de las fallas, del soplido perfectamente perceptible que acompaña algunos finales de frase, y sobre todo la salvaje caída final, esa nota sorda y breve que me ha parecido un corazón que se rompe, un cuchillo entrando en un pan."


Cortázar, El perseguidor ❤️ Acabo de leer este trecho en el cuento y vine a conocer músicas de Parker. Y justo doy con este comentario ❤️
Saludos desde Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 🇧🇷


Una de mis partes favoritas es cuando va en el metro.
Joya de relato, mi amigo.


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Namaste


Very amazing ballad,you can feel Parker's pain


Charlie Parker did two recordings of this song. The one here is the second recording for Verve records done in 1951.
The first recording on the Dial label was done in 1946. It was during this recording that Parker was so intoxicated he needed to be supported by producer Ross Russell to play the song. That recording is much freer and the one that Charlie Mingus considered to be among Parker's greatest recordings, despite its flaws

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