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More Where That Came From
Cliona Hagan Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'More Where That Came From' by these artists:

Dolly Parton I've been through hell and half of louisiana Lookin' for a…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Cliona Hagan:

1 2 3 Having a good time a bottle of red wine things…
1-2-3 Having a good time a bottle of red wine things…
Cowboy Yodel Song There's a cowboy that I know ridin' in the rodeo He's…
I Came Straight To You All I've got is what I've got I can't act like…
Keepin' Cool Company Some girls ain't always happy About love, they do complain D…
Smile Smile It brightens your day. It makes all your troubles seem…

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Comments from YouTube:


Going to the Top IMO She has the talent & the Looks to Back it up !!!! Thanks Cliona !!!!

Loretta Sulin

Great voice👍👌!Real star

Roy Emmons

Brilliant song I love it

pauline williams

love this song and your music. listening from Canada. keep up the amazing work you do.

Thomas O'Reilly

She's fantastic

T a s h a

You look unreal 🙌🏼 love the song!! On repeat 🤗❤

Kyle Doherty

Unbelievable Cliona !! 👏🙌

Stevie Mccrory

Such a catchy song brilliant

Marlies Große

Einfach coole Musik mit viel Herz und Gefühle und Leidenschaft ich liebe die Musik sie macht gute Laune bei dem Wetter zurzeit cool coole Musik LG 🙋‍♀️🎸🎧🎤😘👍❤❤❤

Bo Skoglund

I really love your voice very much so smooth and professinal.That seems you are in the music with your heart.BOBO

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